Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Arms Are Lollipops! (According to my dog)

Ok, I realise the title may be the only thing drawing you in, dear reader, but fear not! The rest of this will be painfully boring. I only say fear not because I've now warned you. See how I can tease you? See how I -
Ahem. Anyway, the title is what I seem to tell me dog. Every single time I go near the bastard he immediately licks my arms into near liquidity. Here's what I think his thought process might be like:
"Master's hand is stroking me. Wait... What's that attached to his hand? Omigod... A LOLLIPOOOOOP!!!! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM yummmm ^^"
As you may have guessed, he's not a particularly smart doggie. Another example of his puppy-ish stupidity is the time he ran straight into a barbed wire fence. At least that's what we think was what punched a hole in his left shoulder that bled profusely for about two hours. AND HE CAME BACK SMILING!! That's something no man can ever truthfully say he's done - Been happy about running into barbed wire.
However, for all his stupidity, he is probably one of the most loving, happy dogs I've ever had the good fortune to come across. We actually chose him from 12 puppies because of him being the soppiest one there. In a rather squee worthy hour or so, he walked over to each of us and just slept on us for about ten minutes each!!! So cute I nearly died. Up until he was too big to fit his neck through the catflap, he just lay for what seemed like hours at a time staring out of the catflap. It was adorable, I can tell you. He's now... 7 I believe, and sometimes goes after rabbits when he sees them... But never catached them. I saw him go for a big group, a lot of young ones, and one didn't run, so he adjusted his path so he could run past it. It really seemed like he was trying to teach the little bugger a lesson in dodging dogs. Such a soppy git. But we do love 'im.
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