Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Vegetarianism!

I thought I'd make this a daily blog, or at least try to. Knowing my issues with committing to things that take discipline, this may fail. Ahem.
Anyway, seeing as a relatively big chunk of this blog I have planned to have is about vegetarianism, I thought I'd introduce why and for how long I've been a veggie. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... About four or five months ago, I went to a young people's Buddhist retreat, where all the food was either vegan or veggie. After I came back, feeling all spiritual and holy, and the sun was shining out of my arse, I decided to keep going with the vegetarianism. Not veganism, as I love cheese and eggs and all the products that come from them too much! I didn't realise however, that cheese can be non-vegetarian (Go figure), and only found this out after I was done being peaceful, serene, holy, etc etc. This revelation led to some serious tantrums, I can tell you. Oh, and moaning to my parents. But all was well, and we now always buy veggie cheese. Although they may have been tricking me... Sneaky little bastards. Anyway, I digress. After being veggie for as long as I have (Not long at all compared to many), I can honestly say I do not miss meat anymore. This doesn't stop it being annoying, however, when one of your friends takes a juicy sausage out of his bap and shoves it in your face. I realise now why all those people were looking at us in a strange way. Hm. I have had a couple of failings as a veggie, one being the cheese one that I detailed earlier, and one being a total accident.
While on a sixth form trip to Greece, at our first hotel we were having dinner, and I was still relatively new to being veggie. Incidentally, Greece is one of the worst places for an aspiring vegetarian to keep to their word. A plate was put down in front of me, and the waitress said, rather brusquely, "Vegetarian?", to which I replied, "Yes, thank you. She then laid down a dish with food in it and said with what I can only imagine the most stereotypical Medittaranean voice to sound like: "Mousaka". I had only ever had a vegetable mousaka before, so foolishly accepted the plate, and got stuck in. A different waitress then passed, looked at me and, remembering my foolish English bastard ways, said in a puzzled, patronising voice, "No, no vegetarian! You vegetarian". I looked down at my food, then up at the plates still filled with food that they were throwing away. Now, I don't know whether this is something only the British people, or just me, do, but I thought I could not let this animal die in vain! So I explained, paraphrasing the sentence as only a naive Englishman can, "No, no waste, I will eat", and gawped a smile at her. She shrugged, sighing in the way that says "Fuckin' idiot", and walked away. I thoroughly enjoyed this happy accident, I hasten to add.
My girlfriend also became vegetarian about three months ago (Through no persuasion on my part), which was very nice of her, as the rest of my friends continously disdained me by pretending their bacon sandwich had an instant orgasm ingredient in it, detailing their sunday roasts to me, and above all else, telling me what an idiot I was, and seeming very puzzled as to why I gave up meat. So it was nice someone could share the flack with me, even nicer that it could be my girlfriend! Thanks for reading and, as always, may the force be with you...

Oh, as a side note, I would like to say that I'm not the sort of vegetarian who immediately doesn't like people who eat meat. I know how good meat is, and am fully aware that for many people, it is a means to survive. It's just my personal ethical choice, that I hope more people will follow, and if they don't, fine!

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